How does it work?

Merchants who integrate their online shop with our DCPay platform enjoy access to the full payment portfolio. Once you are connected to DCPay you can offer multi-currencies and payment methods on your site, and at the same time, you have 24/7 access to our backend merchant support system.

What is the payment process?

Our online payment platform is easy to integrate and allows you access to multi-currency processing and local payment methods. Shoppers visit the merchant’s online shop to make purchases - choose from available payment methods on DCPay. We then do all of the work behind the scenes with the payment processing.

Know more about DCpay

- Automatic system processing with high veracity
- Batch file distribution with high efficiency
- Multi - channel payment acceptance
- Fast cash flow with high speed operation
- Wide coverage of industry

gateway to china

DCPay has a multi-located gateway system which is primarily hosted in Hong Kong. The China payment gateway system allows your business to securely accept payments online in any major currency and offers leading reliability with a 99.999% network uptime SLA. For merchants based outside of China, the DCPay processing gateway will enable your business to accept payments online in Yuan, and then settle to your bank account in almost any major currency such as USD and GBP*. With DCPay, you do not need a Chinese Bank account to accept online payments from China; our third-party web payment gateway system caters for this.

best processor for small business

DCPay offers a comprehensive and affordable credit card processing service for all types of small businesses. We like that it lets you accept credit cards in different ways — with a credit card machine, mobile phone, tablet POS system and online — and that there are different pricing options based on your sales volume. The company also offers a merchant account, including those for high-risk businesses that often have difficulty obtaining one. Payline also comes with 24/7 phone support, as well as e-mail, helpdesk and live chat support.